Outcomes Data

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Standardized Outcomes Data for the New Healthcare Paradigm

MAP is delivering the world's first complete healthcare outcomes data set for Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder. Driven by the mission to increase rates of long-term recovery and positive outcomes, MAP has designed an advanced algorithm-based software platform that measures thousands of variables. The revolutionary essence of the MAP technology is the unique ability to accurately identify even the most subtle of relapse or return to lifestyle¬Ě behavioral patterns.

While MAP's platform provides recovery support to your discharged patients, it also collects extensive amounts of high-frequency, quantitative and qualitative outcomes data. Expert statisticians and analysts compile data points and create intuitive monthly reports so you can quantify your outcomes. You can access your data at any time with MAP's data dashboards.

Imagine the insight to be gained from being able to look at your program on a statistical level with the knowledge that you will be able to leverage the information to help your facility improve the quality of treatment it provides. Furthermore, your facility will have certified outcomes data which will help to secure and distinguish its leadership positions in the new reimbursement paradigm.

MAP Live Data:

  • Empowers you with data to navigate the new insurance reimbursement paradigm.
  • Provides actionable data on your alumni with real-time, high risk alerts.
  • Illuminates your facility's strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Tracks thousands of variables and characteristics relevant to your alumni.
  • Generates comprehensive monthly MAP Executive Reports for your facility.
  • Allows you to compare your outcomes with industry-wide data.